Don’t Stop


Research Backs Up Running Benefits

Runner’s Blueprint provides a list of 10 benefits to running and research backing these points up. Most teen runners aren’t usually informed to why running is so beneficial, just that it gets you in better physical shape. On this website, it implements the many assets that go behind common knowledge to why running is so good for you. The benefits are provided along with a breakdown to how this works. For example, running reduces stress. Then it goes on to explain while running endorphins are released that help boost mood and how feel you feel. To check out the full list click here for more information.

Everything You Need To Know About Running

If you are a teen starting in the running life and have any questions, has the answers to all of them. This website prevents literally just about everything when it comes to running. There are sections to which are specifically suited to beginners along with a training schedule and mental training motivation. The bulk of the website shares articles that present viewers with a handful of knowledge when it comes to running. For example, a few articles are “11 common running mistakes you should avoid”, “16 golden rules of running”, and “key running tips for newbies”. This website is worth checking out if you need answers, motivation, or just general help when it comes to running.

‘Starve’ Takes Running Apps To A New Level

 As many running apps share many similarities, Strava is in a different league compared to the others. It presents runners with a second by second analysis, shows how hard you are trying, and a visual dissection of your run across the entire distance. Another cool feature is that it offers a competitive setup to step up your performance with every run. There are planned runs for any given area and you can see how you compare to other runners who have done the same path. All in all, this app gives runners the opportunity to compete with others and even socialize. All at the cost of nothing? This app seems definitely worth the investment. Click here for more information.

Starting Off

Don’t know where to start your running at? Here is an easy to follow infographic on a plan that is suitable for any teen to begin their trek. Starting off may be the most difficult part of the journey. Making a schedule fit for your level and sticking to it is to first step to persist in a consistent running lifestyle. I hope this infographic helps give a start to or an outline of what your running agenda will be. Just remember you have to start somewhere so don’t get let down easily at the beginning of your journey.

Need Motivation?

If you’re a teen out there looking for motivation to do something, here it is. Whether it be to start running, eating right, or start lifting, this video will trigger that special something within to  do so. It doesn’t even have to be for starting up in one of these things, it can just be on a day where you don’t feel like continuing on, and quitting right there. The hardest part about picking up one of these interests is starting. But once you start it becomes a habit and a lot easier to furthering on in your journey towards your goal.