Starting Off

Don’t know where to start your running at? Here is an easy to follow infographic on a plan that is suitable for any teen to begin their trek. Starting off may be the most difficult part of the journey. Making a schedule fit for your level and sticking to it is to first step to persist in a consistent running lifestyle. I hope this infographic helps give a start to or an outline of what your running agenda will be. Just remember you have to start somewhere so don’t get let down easily at the beginning of your journey.


Details and Perks of Resistance Training

When it comes to starting in weight lifting there are different forms of training, one of the most commonly used is resistance. This infographic gives background information to what resistance training is and its key components. The main idea of this form of weight training is that it is useable by any gender or age group, making it perfectly suitable for teens starting in this exercise. Along with this information, it lists off the benefits extending from mental to physical health. Teens starting early in resistance training will greatly prosper in the future off the numerous aids of working out.

The Way We Should See Running


Many people of the world see regular running as a consistent hassle and even thinking about it can lead a person to their deathbed. For those sitting on their couch wasting the day away and in this case their lives…Here is a wonderful infographic providing examples to the benefits of running. If you’re looking for reasons to begin in this form of exercise, this list provides 10 examples of specific cases to how running is so profitable. Along with physical factors running helps, such as the immune system, it also helps an individual out psychologically in improving confidence and a better self image. We should see running as a way to help our bodies and starting can provide a new life for your figure.

Basics of Starting Weight Lifting


This infographic gives 6 steps to help you get started in weight lifting. It breaks down the basic principles of what makes a good routine and how to continually improve as you engage in lifting weights. The information is given at a basis to which beginners can understand and start on working to make a plan. There are also characteristics given on that are crucial for kicking off a new regime, such as, mental preparation, consistency, and preparation. Click here for more information.