‘Starve’ Takes Running Apps To A New Level

 As many running apps share many similarities, Strava is in a different league compared to the others. It presents runners with a second by second analysis, shows how hard you are trying, and a visual dissection of your run across the entire distance. Another cool feature is that it offers a competitive setup to step up your performance with every run. There are planned runs for any given area and you can see how you compare to other runners who have done the same path. All in all, this app gives runners the opportunity to compete with others and even socialize. All at the cost of nothing? This app seems definitely worth the investment. Click here for more information.


‘Jefit’ The App to Help With Your Workouts

Man lifting weights

‘Jefit’ is an app that helps you stay on track in keeping your fitness goals. It helps create personal workouts for you and tracks your progression. This can help beginners construct a plan to help them get started in lifting weights and continue to do so. This app also gives pictures to assist in what lifting methods you’re doing for your workout along with what weight to use and how many repetitions. Not only does this app help personalize your workout but it also provides routines others use that helped them succeed in lifting weights that you can incorporate in your sessions. Click here for more information

Download ‘Runkeeper’ in Your Pursuit of Starting Running!


If you want an app to assist you in multiple ways with your running experience download Runkeeper. This app has many benefits for something as simple as downloading an app on your phone. This app tracks your runs, set goals, and helps keep you motivated throughout your course of action. It also offers a social media aspect to where you can celebrate your progress and see what your friends have been doing in the world of running. Another cool feature is that it set challenges for you before your run along with a section where you can see your previous workouts in comparison to each other. This app overall offers a lot of facets to help you regularly engage in running as well as a viewpoint to where you can see your growth. Click here for information.