Need Motivation?

If you’re a teen out there looking for motivation to do something, here it is. Whether it be to start running, eating right, or start lifting, this video will trigger that special something within to  do so. It doesn’t even have to be for starting up in one of these things, it can just be on a day where you don’t feel like continuing on, and quitting right there. The hardest part about picking up one of these interests is starting. But once you start it becomes a habit and a lot easier to furthering on in your journey towards your goal.


Staying Safe While Lifting


It is important to get in the gym and start your workout, but its equally or more so important to do so properly. While lifting heavier weights during a workout it is crucial to have a spotter so you do not seriously injure yourself. A spotter is also important to make sure you’re using proper technique while doing exercises. Another important factor for a spotter is to help an individual with the weights while they’re coming to the end of a set, in other words, the weights can be put down properly after a long stick of reps without damaging the recipient or equipment.



What’s Keeping You From Getting Started?

Are you having troubles breaking through mental or physical barriers that are holding you back from you wanting to make a change? Getting started in a certain physical activity field may be the hardest part of the journey. You want to start lifting weights or start running but you’re afraid of what others may think or that you can’t just physically get yourself motivated.  The central message of this video is to give courage and reason that change is possible when you have a mindset to do so. If you keeping working at a mentality that nobody can get in your way of your goals, you can achieve anything.