You Are Okay to Start!!!

In this article published by AAP News & Journals Gateway, it goes over how lifting weights for preadolescents and adolescents is ultimately very beneficial for that individual. It goes outside the typical guidelines for just getting stronger by explaining how lifting at this age can help with rehabilitation along with multiple benefits to those suffering from cerebral palsy. Of course, this article presents the downs to weightlifting at this age, but these problems are only limited to poor form and supervision. On the other hand, there are no long term harmful affects to a young individual on their cardiovascular system or their potential growth, regarding their future. This article also provides the opinions and guidelines from numerous certified health organizations. These organizations provide their notion to when a teen should start lifting weights and given requirements to do so.




Running Like There is No Tomorrow

Louisville, Kentucky is filled with beautiful and scenic parks. One of the most notable places is Iroquois Park located only a few minutes from the Louisville International Airport. This park contains an amphitheater, a disc golf course, and a range of fields and courts for a variety of sports. Putting that aside, this park holds a large array of different sized running trails. The shortest trail starts at 0.25 miles long but there are 0.5, 1.5, 1.6, and 3.5 mile long trails. This is a perfect set of options  for teens looking to get a start somewhere in running. There is a distance suitable for anyone’s preferred workload or whenever an individual is at in their journey of running.

Details and Perks of Resistance Training

When it comes to starting in weight lifting there are different forms of training, one of the most commonly used is resistance. This infographic gives background information to what resistance training is and its key components. The main idea of this form of weight training is that it is useable by any gender or age group, making it perfectly suitable for teens starting in this exercise. Along with this information, it lists off the benefits extending from mental to physical health. Teens starting early in resistance training will greatly prosper in the future off the numerous aids of working out.

What Benefits Are There To Teens Lifting?

This website, Muscle and Fitness,  goes over the dramatic change of how lifting weights has become a normal everyday regime for teenagers across the world. The benefits of weight lifting are discussed along with how it can be potentially dangerous because teens don’t follow the crucial guidelines in beginning in this exercise. The specifics are presented when it comes to weight lifting, ranging from activity selection, starting weight, rest, and splitting workouts into muscle groups. Following these protocols can keep teens out of dangers way when it comes to lifting weights along with the basics of starting a routine. This website can serve very useful for any teens looking for the simple steps into starting an everyday schedule.

Staying Safe While Lifting


It is important to get in the gym and start your workout, but its equally or more so important to do so properly. While lifting heavier weights during a workout it is crucial to have a spotter so you do not seriously injure yourself. A spotter is also important to make sure you’re using proper technique while doing exercises. Another important factor for a spotter is to help an individual with the weights while they’re coming to the end of a set, in other words, the weights can be put down properly after a long stick of reps without damaging the recipient or equipment.



The Way We Should See Running


Many people of the world see regular running as a consistent hassle and even thinking about it can lead a person to their deathbed. For those sitting on their couch wasting the day away and in this case their lives…Here is a wonderful infographic providing examples to the benefits of running. If you’re looking for reasons to begin in this form of exercise, this list provides 10 examples of specific cases to how running is so profitable. Along with physical factors running helps, such as the immune system, it also helps an individual out psychologically in improving confidence and a better self image. We should see running as a way to help our bodies and starting can provide a new life for your figure.