Research Backs Up Running Benefits

Runner’s Blueprint provides a list of 10 benefits to running and research backing these points up. Most teen runners aren’t usually informed to why running is so beneficial, just that it gets you in better physical shape. On this website, it implements the many assets that go behind common knowledge to why running is so good for you. The benefits are provided along with a breakdown to how this works. For example, running reduces stress. Then it goes on to explain while running endorphins are released that help boost mood and how feel you feel. To check out the full list click here for more information.


You Are Okay to Start!!!

In this article published by AAP News & Journals Gateway, it goes over how lifting weights for preadolescents and adolescents is ultimately very beneficial for that individual. It goes outside the typical guidelines for just getting stronger by explaining how lifting at this age can help with rehabilitation along with multiple benefits to those suffering from cerebral palsy. Of course, this article presents the downs to weightlifting at this age, but these problems are only limited to poor form and supervision. On the other hand, there are no long term harmful affects to a young individual on their cardiovascular system or their potential growth, regarding their future. This article also provides the opinions and guidelines from numerous certified health organizations. These organizations provide their notion to when a teen should start lifting weights and given requirements to do so.



Benefits of Running

Shot of a group of people running along a country road

If you’re looking for motivation to start running or keep on running this article, from Runner’s World, provides the many benefits runners endure during their lifetimes. Running 4-5 miles a week can significantly decrease the chances of cardiovascular disease which is the leading cause of death in the United States. Along with cutting the risks of heart disease, running comes along with many assets to which help keep the body in shape over the period of a life time. Running consistency has more ups that will help you in your life then downs but if you want these perks it is better to start sooner than later.