It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint


When starting a routine to run, its important to note that you will not see results after one or two runs. It is a continuous process and how you approach this is the most important factor. Start off by creating a weekly schedule incorporating a variety of runs, such as long distanced runs and sprints. In the beginning set the distance of the runs at a small amount but then increase the length as you feel more comfortable with each individual exercise. Expecting immediate results will be the downfall when it comes to starting with running but once you do see improvement in your cardiorespiratory fitness there is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

When an individual starts getting in an everyday routine with running, the most common place for a person to run would seem to a treadmill or a track. After an extended period of time repeating this, it ultimately gets very boring and you lose motivation. Another major point of running is enjoying the experience. Adding variety to where you run is important and a wonderful park to do so is at Cherokee Park here in Louisville, Kentucky. There is a well known 2.4 mile trail with beautiful scenery along the way. It is only 1.4 miles away here from Bellarmine so the experience is definitely worth the small drive. Running here will incorporate a different type experience will the hills and open areas throughout it. Click here for more information.


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